Our wide variety of wedding and event décor products will ensure your special occasion is decked out from the ceiling to the floor. We can customise an event around absolutely any theme and if we don’t own the stock we will find it.

Click on our various categories below to see what we offer in more detail.

Ambient lighting & fairy lights
Important to every event and we provide all the effective basics.

Base plates
We offer a wide range of base plates to fit every theme.

Candle sticks & votives
We provide a wide selection in glass, silver and gold which bring an elegant ambience to the tables.

Candy bars & vases
We can provide complete candy bars to add fun to your event or you can hire specific candy bar elements for DIY purposes.

We customise our centrepieces according to your ideas and budget. Costing is determined by all of the elements used to create the centrepieces. See spectacular centrepieces by clicking here

Chairs & Tables
We offer a wide selection of chairs and tables. For our designer tables please click here. We are also happy to sub-hire others on your behalf if we are styling your complete event.

Chair covers & detail
We have a variety of chair covers, tiebacks and sashes.

Chairs King & Queen
Nothing makes a bride and groom feel more VIP than comfortable yet attention-grabbing king and queen chairs. We have a range of his and hers from elegant to bling-bling.

Our experienced team of drapists can create a stunning look from our wide variety of wedding and event draping. In order for us to quote on draping we require detailed information about the venue.

Exhibition décor
We provide exhibition décor to enhance your exhibition stand.

We have a team of talented florists who can create floral masterpieces for every occasion.
Bouquet ideas | Ceremony flower ideas | Table flowers | Main table flowers

We stock a wide variety of furniture from couches, ottomans and beanbags to cocktail tables and chairs.

Garden chapels and outdoor décor items
Outdoor weddings are very popular and we supply many items to enhance your event such as wedding arches, caribbean umbrellas and  wedding gazebos.

Goblets & glasses
We have a diverse selection to fit every theme from a wide colour palette.


Find everything your table desires from damask and stretch table cloths to taffeta runners and much more.

Mirrors, discs, glass sheets
These items are used as the base of most centrepieces and we have a variety of mirror bases, bling discs and glass sheets.

If you can’t find what you are looking for you will most likely find it here in our selection of items such as cake stands, easels, crystal plinths and even the Eiffel Tower.

Stands & pillars
From wooden plinths to giant silver flute vases, we stock a wide variety of stands and pillars

Themed backdrops
We can create just about any theme using our wide selection of backdrops. Click here for our available backdrops.

Themed props
We can create just about any theme using our wide selection of props. The below images will give you an idea of what we can do. Contact us for prices. Click here to read more about our THEMED EVENTS.

White high gloss and exclusive glass tables
High gloss and glass tables are the current trend. Using these tables enhances the sophistication at high-end weddings and events. We supply round, rectangular and square glass tables with either a stretch fabric base or designer legs. Our white high-gloss tables come in various shapes, too, including rectangular, square, round and S-shape. Leaf shaped tables are the newest design in this range. Under lighting these tables will set your event apart.

Vases – glass
We stock a wide variety of glass vases from classic to oversized and contemporary.

Vases – silver
We offer a wide variety to enhance the glamour at any grand affair such as silver vases, silver bowls, silver votives and much more.

Vases – other
We have a variety of vases from ceramic, mosaic, copper, coloured, vintage and much more.

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