We’ll show you how you can turn your wedding dream into a sensational reality

We welcome you to visit our wedding décor showroom at Northlands Deco Park in Johannesburg. We like to describe it as a wedding wonderland because once you arrive you’re in for a real treat. As every bride-to-be knows, there is nothing quite like fantasising about your wedding day. At our showroom you get to turn your wedding day fantasy into a reality at our ‘play table’ – a blank canvas just waiting for you to colour it with your dream wedding using the items on display in our 150 square metre showroom.

“Planning your wedding should be part of the excitement and an experience” – Amanda van Dalen, SA Wedding Décor.

Book a FREE consultation with one of our expert wedding décor specialists and experience a day of fun and creativity with our guiding hand. Enjoy some sweet treats from our delectable candy bar while sipping coffee and then browse our wedding decorations showroom. You will discover a treasure trove of wedding décor ideas including:

  • Five themed wedding table settings, which we change seasonally to keep with the trends
  • Shelves displaying every type of wedding décor item from elegant glassware, ornate silver and jewel-like vases to the best quality table linen
  • Wedding day furniture including ultra-modern transparent tables, tiffany chairs, themed props and some of the best wedding decorations in Johannesburg
  • Exquisite fabrics for draping
  • Novelty wedding décor items such as a themed candy bar, interesting wedding centrepieces, traditional wedding props and other unique wedding ceremony decorations
  • At an extra cost, we can even make sure we have fresh wedding flowers ready to arrange to your specification

At our showroom we provide you with the unique opportunity to get a glimpse into your special day.