Detailed questionnaire for customized weddings

In order to prepare a detailed quotation for you, we need as much information as possible. Please could you complete the following questionnaire as best as you can (you can ignore questions you are unsure of). It’s really easy because you can do it right here online. Please include your décor budget if you can, as that really helps us to design something that is perfect for you.

Basic Information

Bride's name*

Groom's name*


Contact Number*

Are you already communicating with a specific consultant at SA Wedding Décor? If so, who?

Estimated Décor Budget (R)

Wedding Venue or Area

Wedding Date

How accessible is the venue from the vehicle delivery area? Are there any steps / lifts / far distances that items need to be carried?

Is the ceremony and reception at the same venue and do you require assistance with both?

Ceremony Start time

Reception Start time

Reception End time

Decor set up Date & Time

Décor breakdown date and time.
(please note that evenings and Sundays attract surcharges. We can collect on the following working day if the venue permits this but you will remain responsible for the items until we collect)

Does the venue require delivery of certain items in advance?

Additional information about venue that we should know

Would you like us to facilitate the proceedings on the day (additional costs applies)?

Total number of guests including bridal party

Table shape / size for guests

Number of people per guest table

Table shape / size for main table

Number of people at main table

Is there an additional suppliers table – inside the venue or separate?

Number of suppliers to be seated and whether décor is required for this table

What is the colour scheme for your wedding

Will you be collecting your décor from our depot in Lanseria or Northriding (note: large orders must be collected from Lanseria)? Do you need us to 1) deliver 2) deliver and setup 3)deliver, setup and breakdown?

How would you describe the mood / atmosphere that you are trying to create?

Your personal wedding style: trendy / modern / traditional / introvert / extrovert / romantic

Superstitious / cultural practices that we should be aware of

Helpful Hints:
To help us understand the décor that you have in mind please send through as many pictures of looks / themes/ styles that you both like and dislike. Please also refer to the albums on our Facebook page and send us album and picture reference number for ideas that you would like. Need Help?

General Flowers

If you require assistance with flowers then please complete the following:

Flower colour scheme?

Which flowers must be included?

What flowers must be avoided?

Are you very particular about certain types of flowers or are you happy to use seasonal flowers to keep costs lower?

Can be greenery be used in the arrangements to avoid too many flowers? Any preferences on greenery?

Other notes on flower preferences ?

Are you wanting to spend a large part on your budget on flowers or would you like us to be as cost effective as possible?

Do you like large statement flowers, medium sized arrangements or minimalistic arrangements?

Pictures are often more effective than words so please feel free to send as many picture references as possible! (Limit 5MB)

Do you require petals for confetti, and if so, what colour?

Do you require petals for the aisle and if so for the sides only or for the entire carpet?

Do you require another form of confetti?

Do you require stands / baskets for confetti?

Bridal bouquet requirements? Please specify ribbon colour.

Maid of honour bouquet and ribbon colour.

Is a separate throw bouquet needed? Specify ribbon colour.

Number of bridesmaids and their bouquet requirements? Ribbon colour.

Specification for groom buttonholes? Ribbon colour.

Specification and number for other boutonniere with ribbon colour.

Number and specs for ladies corsages with ribbon colour.

Should the corsages be wrist or shoulder corsages?

If pew posies are required what is the quantity and type of pew / bench / chair at the ceremony area?

Specifications and number of pew posies required

Specifications, quantity and size / style of chapel arrangements

Do you require stands for these arrangements?

Is a separate registration arrangement required?

Other flower arrangement requirements other than the reception table arrangements

Other ceremony requirements

Do you need to hire in any of the following FOR THE CEREMONY? Please provide quantity and specifications

Are chairs provided or do you need to hire in chairs?

Chair covers?

Chair detail requirements

Runner carpet (please specify colour)


Registration table cloth – type and colour

Wall draping. Would you require scallop draping or normal curtain draping?

If yes for wall draping please provide wall length and height

Roof draping. Do you require the roof draped closed or just strip draping? Please provide details on roof attachment points and highest point.

Do you require Fairy lights.

Do you only require draping behind the main focal area? Please provide details.

If you are having an outdoor ceremony, do you require the following:

Wedding gazebo or arch? Would you require flowers on the gazebo?

Caribbean umbrellas


Trestle tables and cloths

Do you need us to detail any trees or hang any items?

Do you need to hire in any furniture?

Do you require draping?

Pre-venue décor:

Do you require any of the following? If so please provide details

Easel for seating plan

Cocktail tables

Cocktail chairs

Other furniture requirements

Flowers for any of the above

Table for gifts

Gift table cloth

Reception décor:

Draping. Please provide a floor plan / photographs of the venue if possible. (Limit 5MB)

Wall draping. Would you require scallop draping or normal curtain draping?

If yes for wall draping please provide wall length and height

Roof draping. Do you require the roof draped closed or just strip draping? Please provide details on roof attachment points and highest point.

Fairy light requirement

Fairy light colour preference: none, warm white, ice white

Do you only require draping behind the main table? Please provide details.

Strings of fairy lights or fairy light curtain behind main table?

Main table requirements:

Type of décor needed on the main table

Do you prefer traditional flat trays of wedding flowers on the main table, long arrangements in vases or a collection of small vases and candles

Candles / lighting requirements

Draping and lights needed on the main table?

King and queen chair needed?

Colour and type of table cloth

Other requirements for main table

Additional flower arrangements to the sides of the main table, or to use the ones from the ceremony

Is the main table to be raised on a stage and do we need to provide the stage

Please specify your guest table requirements:

Colour and type of table cloth

Runner requirements

Chairs to be hired in?

Tables to be hired in?

Chair covers

Chair detail. (On every chair or alternate chairs?)

Base plates

Any glasses required other than the venue glasses (coloured wine goblets / cut crystal)

Cutlery to be hired in – please specify

Crockery to be hired in – please specify

Serviette requirements? How should the serviettes be folded? (to match the table cloths?)

Serviette detail

Do you require us to place any gifts / other personal effects on the tables

Do you have name cards and will you take responsibility to place them on the tables?

Table number stands

Mirror in the centre of the table

Candle and votive requirements

Crushed stones / detail on the mirror

Centrepiece requirements

Other requirements:

Cake table

Cake table cloth

Cake stand

Cake knife and lifter

Parcan lighting


Décor to be hung from the roof

Crystal stands / plinths / other side décor

Red carpet inside the venue

Buffet table cloths and décor

Additional table requirements for caterers

Bathroom flower arrangements

Additional Information

Additional information / requirements that you would like to bring to our attention.