Wedding Day Management

What is the difference between a wedding planner and the SA Wedding Décor wedding day management service?

Our expert team of consultants can assist you on all your décor needs from the moment you start to visualise your wedding right through to the big day. Take a look at some of our stunning wedding events.

Our focus is on the décor and making your venue look like the wonderland you envision it to be. However, we do not organise the other wedding day elements such as the cake, the caterers or the horse and carriage. That is what a typical wedding planner will organise for you. We are always willing to give you our advice on other aspects of your wedding and we can recommend reputable suppliers.

What we can do is take all the stress away from you by managing everything at the venue on the day of your wedding. This means you can relax and focus on your special moment with the knowledge that our team of experts is ensuring your dream becomes a sensational reality.

Our on-site management service is optional. If you choose to use the service, we do charge a fee as we will be handling all of the logistics on the day of your wedding. We can also recommend some of the best suppliers in the country. Find out more about our preferred suppliers.