SA Wedding Décor has organised numerous wedding events. One could say that the SA Wedding Décor team has “been there, done that and bought the wedding dress”. Here is the team’s most sensible tips for brides when organising their wedding day:

  1. Try to calculate your budget well in advance and give your supplier a good idea of what you can spend on their services. This allows us to work out and tailor-make something that is affordable to you.
  2. Provide as many pictures as possible. This will allow us to give you just what you want.
  3. Work with professionals. Ask for references and look at pictures of a suppliers work. A lot of companies’ window dress really well but could let you down on the day.
  4. Try to incorporate elements of your personality into your wedding.  Don’t just recreate something that you see on Pinterest.  Decide what you like and discuss options of bringing in elements that will make your day memorable.
  5. Always have a bad-weather back-up plan.
  6. Be practical. Don’t try to create the most complicated pictures that you find on google.
  7. Be sure of what you want and communicate this clearly to your wedding event suppliers.
  8. Be honest from the start about your likes and dislikes.

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